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Welcome to St. Stephen's United Church of Christ

We are glad to welcome you to our congregation's service of worship today.   


If this is your first visit, we are blessed to have you with us. If you are returning again, we pray you continue to experience God's Spirit among us!

If you would like to receive updates and information on the church's life by being added to our weekly e-newsletter mailing list or if you would like to offer feedback on the worship service or have a prayer request or message for the pastor, please enter it in the form below.

We are excited to have you here at St. Stephen's!

May God bless you through us as we seek to know, grow and show God's love!

This picture has the church's name and logo.

At St Stephen's UCC, we share in electronic offerings as well. If you feel excitement in your visit today and wish to support the missions and ministries of the congregation, you are welcome to make an offering to the church via the wooden box at the rear of the sanctuary or by following the link below to make a donation through VANCO, our online offering program.

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