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Our Sunday services are geared toward worshippers of all ages.

Worship is shared with the community every Sunday at 9:30 am in-person and streaming on YouTube (click here to watch). Our services emphasize a particular theme for that day. Also, part of the service includes a Children's Chat. This is where our young members, both in age and in spirit, join the pastor at the foot of the altar. Often a young person will fill a bag with a mystery item, and the Pastor will discuss the item and how it fits with what we believe or the theme of the day.    

The service is rooted in the Evangelical and Reformed Church and the United Church of Christ traditions. We bring a relevant word to daily living and an opportunity to share the connections that we, people of faith, experience with the God of our Creation and Redemption. We believe in inclusive language and that there is a place for all in the gathering of God's people. 

As a United Church of Christ, we gather regularly to celebrate the two sacraments of the church: Holy Communion and Baptism. ​​


​​At St. Stephen's UCC, communion is shared with grape juice and bread and offered via prepackaged elements to increase safety for all in this age of COVID, RSV, and FLU. All who believe and profess a faith, including our children,  are welcome to share in the sacrament.


We also believe in the free gift of sacraments and welcome those seeking to make covenant promises of faith to gather at our baptismal font, which is open to all ages. So come, professing a faith, and join in the community of God's people as we seek to live and grow together in our discipleship.

Sunday Service

Starting at 9:30 am

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Where do I park?

We have a parking lot off Arch Street in Perkasie that is across from Seuss Funeral Home. 

Street parking is also available on 6th and Arch Streets. 


Handicap Parking and an accessibility ramp can be found in the Arch St. parking lot.

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What can I wear?

What are you comfortable in? 
Here at St. Stephen's, you will find people dressed in everyday clothes: jeans, sneakers, shirts, blouses, dresses, an occasional suit, shorts, t-shirts, etc. 
"We're glad you're here" and care less about "what are you wearing."

Snow covered mountains

What happens if there is inclement weather?

It may be necessary to close the church if extreme weather conditions would endanger people from attending and for the Pastor and person(s) that would be opening the church. 

The Consistory President and the Pastor will decide by 7 am and contact Consistory members through a phone chain. The President will notify WNPV Lansdale (1440 AM), KYW (1060 AM), and the news line for channel 69 to broadcast the cancellation. In addition, a message will be sent via email and  left on the church's office answering machine and Facebook.

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