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Outreach and Hospitality Ministry 

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Community Day
Outreach Farmers Market
Outreach Farmers Market
Outreach Watermelon Contest 5
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Easter 2022
Jared Boxes
Blessing boxes and pastor

The focus of this ministry shall be community building and nurturing within the meeting congregation and out in the community. It involves seeing ourselves as sent out by Christ and going out of our way, envisioning and implementing service within and beyond the traditional parameters of the church building. It also provides opportunities, resources, and practices for looking beyond ourselves to the people around us and sharing the love of Christ as we serve and connect with our community. 

The goal is to connect and care for church members of all ages and actively work to welcome our neighbors and friends into the church. In times of need, we want to provide care for church members and those affiliated with the church.

To help support this ministry, there are the culinary and community outreach subcommittees. 

  • Culinary
    Responsible for the preparation, coordination, or facilitation of meals and the maintenance and care of the church kitchen(s).

  • Community Outreach

Responsible for connecting and engaging with the local community through indoor and outdoor community events. Maintains communication with groups using the church building and local organizations and works collaboratively to share in outreach and missions. Works to organize events at the church in conjunction with scheduled Perkasie Borough events. ​

Local Organizations

"The Pennridge Ministerium is a gathering of the faith leaders of the Pennridge community. We support one another in ministry and plan cooperative ways to serve those in need in our community." (From their Facebook page)

"Pennridge FISH (Fellowship in Serving Humanity) serves low-income households with food, clothing, and emergency financial assistance in an effort to assist in the alleviation of hunger, poverty, and homelessness in the Pennridge School District." (Their Mission Statement)

From their website, "Fostering Hope is a community that began with a few foster families and others wanting to help children in care that attended Christ’s Church of the Valley in the Philadelphia metro area."

Their mission: Is to provide food on weekends and school holidays to children experiencing food insecurity in the Pennridge School District so they are able to come to school ready to learn.

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