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Terms and Condition for Renting Space

Subject to change without notice

Custodial Deposit: The Church office will inform you of the current fee for members and

non-members at the time of your request.

Phone: There is no public phone on the premises. 

Groups must have at least one cell phone present.


Alcoholic beverages are not allowed except to make a toast. 


Smoking is not permitted on church property.



  • The facility will be left in the condition in which it was found. 

  • All garbage, decorations, food, etc., must be removed from the building.

  • The table and chairs returned to their original set-up. 

  • Any church property damaged must be fixed or replaced. 


Facility Usage Rules: 

  • Curfew: Cleaned up and out at 11 pm. 

  • Entertainment is subject to the approval of Consistory.

  • For Ehrhart Hall: Guests must remain in Ehrhart Hall.

  • Children should be in the care of adults at all times.

  • All eating and drinking of food and beverage must be done in Ehrhart Hall and not in other parts of the church. 

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