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Sharing Our Gifts

Takes you out to the page to sign up to do online giving

Online Offering Information

Through a program with VANCO payment services, St. Stephen's UCC is blessed to offer our members the opportunity to create an online offering to the church; an offering that happens in real time and for which you maintain guidance.

In order to sign up, please click on this link: 

Participating in a direct deposit offering is faithful to the church as it:

* Allows for the convenience of "fix it and forget it" giving that so many in the modern day seek.

* Provides a steady source of stewardship revenue to the church.  When you subscribe to online offerings, your offering supports the church even when you are unable to attend.  This eases the burden of the ebb and flow of attendance and offering totals.

* Allows you the ease of not having to write a check or remember cash for your offering envelopes.  In time, giving in this manner will also be better for the environment as paper envelopes are less needed.

You may still feel the sacredness of placing an offering in the plate.  If you sign up for E-Offerings today, in the coming weeks you will see cards in the pews that you may place in the offering plate to indicate that you make an e-offering instead of, or in addition to, a plate offering.

You are the only one with access to your account information.

To get started:  Follow the link and set up a profile.  Enter your information and set the offering frequency.  That's all there is to it!